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TLC Driver License Exam Passing Criteria:

Before attempting the TLC driver license exam, drivers are required to complete a TLC-approved 24-hour course education. The exam itself consists of 80 multiple-choice questions, with a passing criteria of 70% or higher. This translates to correctly answering at least 56 out of the 80 questions. Candidates are allowed to retake the exam as many times as necessary within the ninety (90) day application period.


Our Goal:

We aim to design and create a comprehensive TLC Driver License Exam Simulator that accurately replicates the real exam environment. This simulator is designed to enhance the preparation experience for aspiring drivers, allowing them to get familiar with the test format, improve knowledge retention, and build confidence. Our ultimate goal is to increase the pass rate by ensuring that test takers are thoroughly prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the real exam.



The TLC Driver License Exam Simulator includes a database of questions covering 11 distinct topics, providing a testing environment that closely mirrors the real exam. Thousands of students have benefited from this simulator. The system generates performance reports that faculty members use to continually improve the exam database and provide more targeted content to future students, whether they’re in the classroom or using the exam simulator. In addition to the exam simulator, students will get unlimited access to Quiz Practices, which can help students focus on improving their weak areas.


Register for the TLC Driver License Exam Simulator:

Click on the register button below to sign up for the TLC Driver License Exam Simulator. After registration, you will have the option to purchase up to 4 exam simulations. If you have already registered for a 24-hour class with the school, please ask the receptionist for the most current discount code at the start of your class.

TLC Driver License Exam Simulator


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