24 Hours Class

This is a New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission required course for all new driver applicants as well as drivers who applied and received their TLC drivers license after March 2015. It is 24 hours of instruction and covers the following topics:

  • Map Reading Skills
  • Geography
  • Driver/Passenger relations
  • Preparation for the TLC exam

What is included in the 24 Hours class packages as following: Tuition + Course material.

Our class is limited!! Just call now to make an appointment or register the class! Phone number: 718-886-6249

We have discount with WAV+ 24 Hours class combo – please click here

$250 / 3 Days Class
+2.49% online convenience fee

or$285 / with course material $35 (optional)
+2.49% online convenience fee

or$410 / with course material $35 (optional) & WAV Class $125
+2.49% online convenience fee

If you purchase the WAV, 24 Hour Class with course material and the DDC Class together, it will save you $15.

+2.49% online convenience fee

Before making purchase, please read and make sure you understand all the regulations in our Fees and Refunds Policy. Once payment has been made online, please noted that you are automatically agreeing to the Fees and Refunds Policy.

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